Bait and tackle in Sarasota, FL. at All About Fishing



For salt water fishing bait we have:

Shrimp and tin fish.

Our fresh water fishing bait includes:

Worms, crickets, minnows and crabs (when they are in season).
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Our Frozen bait inventory includes:

Octopus, shrimp, mullet, finger mullet, lady fish, bonita, valley hoo, red fin herring, sardines and frozen chum.

We even carry artificial bait such as:

Mirrolure, Berkeley Gulp, Yozuri, Rapala, Exude and Bomeer.

At All About Fishing we carry all of the bait and tackle you will need to attract the biggest fish in the water.


Don't feel overwhelmed by our bait choices. Our experts will get you the exact bait you need to catch whatever type of fish you desire.

Our tackle inventory includes:

Hooks, weights, fishing line and lures, weights, spinners, and spoons, bobbers and sinkers, poppers, and jog and many other rigging materials.
We even offer rigging materials for fly-fishing. We do custom fly tying, but we do not carry fly fishing rods and reels. The Baize family can get you the right type of tackle and rigging to help you be a fishing pro in no time.
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