Costa Sunglasses in Sarasota, FL. at All About Fishing

All About Fishing offers more than just bait and tackle. Along with our fishing licenses and fishing charters, we also carry the largest inventory of Costa Del Mar sunglasses in Sarasota, FL. Whether you are salt water fishing or fresh water fishing, it is critically important that you protect your eyes from the sun. The Baize family understands the dangers of direct sunlight and sunlight that reflects off the water, and that is why All About Fishing carries only the best in fishing sunglasses.

Our sunglasses selection starts with over 150 styles from Costa Del Mar. We believe that sunglasses can be functional and stylish, which is why we decided to carry most of the styles that Costa Del Mar has to offer. We have styles for the guys, and we also have styles that the ladies will enjoy. We make sure that you look good on the water while you are keeping your eyes safe from the sun.

Sunglasses price vary. $15.00 & up.

Along with our full line of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, we also offer quality manufacturers such as Reflect, Guideline and Fisherman.

Looking for something else to protect you from the sun?

Check out our selection at All About Fishing, where we understand what accessories fishing enthusiasts need to make a fishing adventure complete. We have: bug spray, sun hats, fishing hats and different types of sunscreen you need to stay safe during your day in the sun.

Need beer? We have that too!
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